Friday, May 19, 2017

A Smooth Motoring Day

The furnace got a good workout overnight as it dipped to 0º. We woke to frost and a clear sky. We left the campground shortly after 9:00 and stopped for gas @ $2.42.9 / gal. in Newberry. We continued west on hwy 28 along Lake Superior. We made a comfort stop at one scenic overlook and stopped for lunch at a roadside pull off along the shore. It was cool and very windy.
In the afternoon we stopped two more times, in Marquette at a Walmart for a few groceries and a comfort stop for Shadow at Agate Falls Scenic Site near Bruce Crossing. We enjoyed the trail walk along the Ontonagon  River to see the falls.

We passed several creeks and rivers swollen from recent rains. They had flooded their banks and swamped the surrounding areas.
We crossed into Central time just before we entered Wisconsin and stopped at  Frontier Campground near the village of Cedar  at 3:30 new time after motoring 413 km. Much of our route was along the Lake Superior Circle Tour. The campground was the nicest and cheapest  yet with full hookups, good Wi-Fi and t.v. reception for $31.65. It was also the busiest yet with several overnighters. With our earlier stop,  I was also able to take  Shadow for longer walks.

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