Thursday, May 18, 2017

Back in the U.S.A.

Day 2 was a very eventful day and expensive. I spoke too soon. We were up early, thanks to the children, and discovered, only after we unhooked, that the house batteries were drained, dead, kaput! OMG! Not really surprising when I checked my servicing records and realized the batteries were 8 years old. We left the campground at 8:00, actually 8:10, a problem with the not so automated security gate! A possible sign of how our day was going to go?? Read on.....
We made good time, straight to Canadian Tire in Sault Ste. Marie where I was prepared to buy two new batteries and install them myself. Wrong. As  I was disconnecting the batteries, I found the connector end of one of the battery cables had broken off! Canadian Tire couldn't "fit" us in until the next day but suggested we try Martin's Trailers, a few km down the road. We did and hallelujah!
Approximately 5 hours after arriving in The Soo, we were on our way again, two new batteries installed and a new connector soldered to the battery cable, all for $588.92, our second most costly repair in Harvee Too's 12 years. I'm not complaining. It rained intermittently while the  mechanic worked. The awning helped to keep him dry.
We had about a 10 minute line up  at the border, no problem at customs and entered Michigan  at 4:05. We drove  as far as Newberry and checked in at Kritter's Northcountry Campground and Cabins at 5:35. We motored 305 km.
It was 12º when our day began, reached a high of 15º mid-day and dropped to 2º by the time we reached the campground.  I didn't think I'd be wearing my ski vest before The Rockies! At least the rain had ended.
We had two wildlife sightings en route: a wolf crossed hwy 17 in front of us and a crane in a ditch beside hwy 28.

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