Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Back Into Canada

We were up early again, thanks to the children, and on our way at 8:45, northwest on hwy 2. It was mostly sunny and warmed up quickly. There was a lot of truck traffic.
We made a comfort stop in Kenmare and saw the Danish Mill, built in 1902 and in operation until 1918. It was restored in 1959.

We crossed back into Canada at North Portal, Saskatchewan.  We were the only vehicle. The customs officer was very friendly,asked a few questions and we were on our way at 9:35 Saskatchewan time. (Saskatchewan does not practise daylight savings time.) We gained an hour. We stopped in Estevan for a few groceries and topped up the gas tank @  $.99.9 which we thought was a good deal until we saw gas farther north @ $.96.9. We made a brief roadside stop for lunch in Weyburn and arrived at Prairie Oasis Campground outside of Moose Jaw around 2:30. We drove 415 km..
As forecast, the winds picked up significantly after lunch. Alberta and Saskatchewan are under a "special weather advisory" for the next two days.  A low pressure system with heavy rain and  strong winds gusting  up to 90 k.p.h..
It was a very pleasant 25ยบ and hazy. We let Hunter outside on his harness and leash, a first for him. I bbq'ed pork chops for supper. I can take Shadow for long walks outside the campground.

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