Thursday, May 25, 2017

A VERY Bad Hair Day

The wind alert was cancelled, only 50 k.p.h. winds forecast from the NW so we decided to continue on. We left the campground at 8:45. It was an easy drive as far as Swift Current where we made a comfort stop and motored on. 
And then wham! Within 1/2 hour we were being broadsided by strong winds, so strong that they were causing the main room slideout to vibrate out!! We limped along at 70-80 k.p.h. with    flashers on and eventually stopped at a roadside picnic area west                                          of  Gull Lake around 12:30. We ate lunch and played Scrabble as we waited for the winds to subside.
 They did somewhat and at 4:50 we ventured forth the remaining short distance to Eagle Valley Park Campground near Maple Creek. Jean sat on the sofa to stabilize the slideout.  We drove 299 km..
The campground was not busy; we could pick our own site. Wi-Fi was only available at the bar, a deafening experience the music was so LOUD. We wondered at the name of the campground as we saw no eagles and there was a definite Hawaiian theme to the décor.
The wind subsided even more; I was able to BBQ hamburgers for dinner.
At the end of the day, I thanked Jean for not remarking that my hair looked like an abandon bird's nest when I went in to the office and later the bar.

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