Wednesday, May 17, 2017

♫♪ On the road again...♪♫

Day 1 of our trip was uneventful which is a good thing, really, as Harvee Too comes out of 6 months of hibernation. All systems are working as they should ...touch wood. We finished packing Harvee Too, loaded the children on board and pulled out at 10:05. First stop was just 10 km down the road at Blacks Motor Sales  in Sundridge for propane. We were officially on our way north on hwy 11 at 10:35. We stopped in North Bay to do some shopping at Walmart and Pet Valu, ate a quick lunch and continued west on hwy 17.
It was a very hot, windy and buggy drive, SO many splats on the windshield which made picture taking a challenge for Jean. Traffic was light but we ran into some single lane construction delays west of Sudbury.
We arrived at Serpent River Campground east of Spragge at 4:30, later than we expected due to the construction. We are one of two overnighters.We motored  336 km.
Highlight of the day for me: getting the air conditioning on. It reached 29º. Highlight for Jean: her beer and 7up.  It was a disappointing picture taking day for her. Tomorrow she'll get out the big cannon Canon.

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