Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Lakes District

                                                 We left  Prince George around  10:00  
and continued west on hwy 16 into the heavily forested lakes district. We left  the mountains behind.
 The  logging industry was very evident with numerous sawmills and traffic consisting  mostly of logging trucks.

We drove 300 km. through several small towns, each with an attractive welcome sign. The town of  Vanderhoof  is the geographical centre of British Columbia.
It became overcast;  we drove in and out of showers after lunch. We made an afternoon comfort stop in the village of Burns Lake.

Burns Lake

We stopped at 2:45 at the Shady Rest RV Park just east of Houston. A few more rigs arrived after us as the rain became more intense. It was 18º when we arrived but   the  temperature  quickly dropped to 11º with  the rain.   

The RV park has beautiful gardens and cherry trees in full blossom.
wildlife sightings

one of many lakes

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