Friday, May 26, 2017

Wild Rose Country

We were back to our old RVing ways as we pulled out of the campground at 7:05. And we were not the first overnighters  to leave and make a run for it, so-to-speak! There was just a slight (really) wind. We entered Alberta and Mountain Time and drove straight to Home Depot in Medicine Hat. There I bought a 2"x 3"x 8' piece of lumber which they cut into 19" lengths for me. I also bought  sand paper and a pkg of weather striping. It took us less than 1/2 hour to have additional braces in place to stabilize the slideout when closed.  Take that, Alberta!
Not too many RVing firsts at this point in our 23 years of RVing, but we had one. We were going to stop at a Flying J in Redcliff for badly needed gas but Rhonda misdirected us. The station was a diesel fuel only truck stop. We carried on to the next town only to discover  that there were no gas stations !! In oil rich Alberta!! You've got to be kidding! As we were almost on  empty, the nearest station was back in Redcliff; we wouldn't make it to the next town. We had no choice but to return 33 km to Redcliff.  There was a Co-Op gas station on the other side of the hwy that we had not seen. We pumped 252.3 litres.  Duh....  A first: reversing our course for gas.
"world's largest teepee"
The remainder of the day was uneventful although we had our first sighting of pronghorns, three of them.  We stopped at Tillebrook Provincial Park to have lunch. We stopped in Strathmore just east of Calgary for a few groceries. Traffic was heavy but moving through Calgary. We stopped at Calgary West Campground  around 4:00. We have a nice site looking over the suburbs of the city and next to a large fenced in area for dogs. Lots of frisbee tossing and running  for Shadow.
We motored 449 km, unfortunately, not all in a westerly direction. It was another windy drive in the afternoon. The slideout was solidly secured. Wild rose country....I guess they couldn't say wild wind country.

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