Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Iskut Lakes Region

Our day began with most luxurious showers as if we were staying at the lodge. They even provided towel shower mats, another RVing first for us. Jean thought it was the nicest shower ever; certainly in the top 5. With no t.v. reception or internet, we were back on the road at 8:20.

The paved highway ended and became a rough tarred surface, “gravel” according to Rhonda, but it wasn’t. The highway was more winding and narrower,  stretches with no shoulders and steep drop-offs. It passed through the Iskut burn where fire destroyed 78,000 hectares in 1958. It is one of B.C.’s largest huckleberry patches today.

 It was overcast and drizzly when we started out but as we motored north, it cleared and the sun came out. The timing could not have been better as we entered the Iskut Lakes and River Valley region, known as “one of North America’s last wild frontiers.”   It is a chain of over 50 km of lakes along the highway with several provincial parks. We stopped at every rest area and pull-off for pictures. The mountains and lakes were beautiful. We spotted one fox beside the highway.

It felt so good to have sunny weather again that we stopped early, at 12:30 after only 153 km. The Mountain Shadow RV Park and Campground is just north of the community of Iskut, population 283. The rv park is in a valley with a spectacular view of the mountains and a lake. We enjoyed a quiet relaxing afternoon with Wi-Fi for emailing only (200 MB and one hour) and 30 amp service. Jean continued to work at editing her pictures. I have resorted to writing my posts on Word when I don’t have internet.access. Shadow and Hunter enjoyed the rest from motoring too, especially Shadow who was off her food and eating grass at every opportunity. An upset tummy from the tougher  drive.                                                                                                                               

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