Thursday, June 22, 2017

North of Superior

 We were back to our old RVing ways, up at 5:30 and on the road at 7:05 under a light cloud cover. We crossed into E.S.T. within the hour. We by-passed Thunder Bay (been there, done that) but did stop at the Terry Fox Monument and Lookout again on hwy 11/17. The site stands near the place where he ended his 5,342 km run. His  nine foot high bronze statue is set on a 45 ton granite base and overlooks a panoramic view of Lake Superior.  The highway is named Terry Fox Courage Highway east of Thunder Bay.

We saw Thunder Bay's signature landmark, The Sleeping Giant, a rock
formation that resembles the shape of a sleeping giant lying on his back.

It was a spectacular drive east as the highway hugged the north shore of Lake Superior. We pulled off  at a few lookouts for pictures. We stopped to have lunch at a roadside park near Rossport.
We drove through a few construction zones, mostly bridge repair, traffic restricted to one lane but there was one  new bridge under construction.

 We motored 408 km to Marathon
and checked ourselves in at Penn Lake Park & Campground. It remained cool along the lake, never warmer than 13º even when the sun finally burned through the haze. The fog rolled in over the lake in the evening

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