Friday, June 2, 2017

Prince Rupert: "Gateway to Alaska"

 It was both our shortest and wettest driving day, 150 km on the last leg of hwy 16 as it followed the Skeena River to Prince Rupert. We left the campground at 8:45, did some grocery shopping and topped up the gas tank. It was our most expensive fill-up, $200 @ $1.12.9 /litre. The rain started before we left Terrace at 10:20. It rained all the way to Prince Rupert, at times heavily. Fog often obscured the coastal mountains. Low lying clouds also clung to some mountains. The scenery was quite dramatic.

We stopped at a rest area beside the river for lunch. We passed several picturesque lakes as we neared Prince Rupert.

Once in Prince Rupert, we picked up literature at the visitor centre before checking in at Prince Rupert  RV Campground on hwy 16, just 2 km from the downtown.  It was 1:30. It poured rain for much of the afternoon but cleared in time for us to bbq steaks to mark our arrival on the coast.

After motoring 4,637 km., we reached the Pacific Ocean. Prince Rupert is the deepest natural harbour in North America, situated at the mouth of the Skeena River on Kalen Island. It receives 300 cm of rain a year. We could believe it!

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