Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Yukon: We're Here!

We were up later at 6:40, thanks to the children. It was a cool 6º.  Shadow and I, hoping to see the moose from the previous day, walked down to the lake. No such luck.

Stikine bridge & river
We left the RV park at 8:20 under mostly cloudy skies and continued north past several picturesque lakes
(Tatogga, Kinaskan). We crossed the Stikine River and stopped for pictures. The bridge was built in 1973. Previously a small ferry was used for crossings. We stopped for some gas at Dease Lake, a community of 303, a former Hudson Bay trading post established in1838. We bought $100 @ $1.27.9. Ouch! The farther north we drove, the sunnier it became.

We stopped for pictures at  Lower Gnat Lake, appropriately named as they were really buzzing around us. We then crossed the Cassiar Mts. through the Gnat Pass, el. 4,071 ft. It is the highest point of the Stewart-Cassiar highway.

It was a very good day for wildlife sightings: black bears, a moose, a mountain goat. Day 22 of our trip and we finally put the baby gate behind our seats to keep Shadow from coming up front. She wanted to be on the lookout after our first bear sighting.  She couldn’t quite get over Jean’s seat via the dinette bench but not for lack of trying!

We left the Cassiar Mts. behind us and entered the Yukon Plateau which is quite desolate by comparison. We entered the Yukon at the 60th parallel around 3:00 and continued on to Watson Lake to the Downtown RV Park, a generous name for a large parking area with 89 full hookups including cable. Yahoo! News!! It felt like we were in another country with no t.v. reception, cellphone service. It has been years since we’ve seen so many payphones, in communities, campgrounds, rest areas. We each got one hour per day of Wi-Fi available in the area of the office.
It is an ideal location as we are within walking distance to grocery shopping and the town’s two biggest attractions. The campground is across from Wye Lake. Shadow and I have already walked the trail halfway around the lake and NO bugs. It was 25 deg., our hottest day since southern Alberta and at the most northerly point of our trip, 5,624 km from Dunromin.

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