Saturday, June 3, 2017

A Morning of Sightseeing

We must live right. It rained all night but stopped by the time Shadow and I went out at 5:30.  What luck  as we visited  downtown Prince Rupert. We had no trouble parking Harvee Too on a side street.

We walked to the Pacific Mariners' Memorial Park with a statue, memorial wall and the Kazu Maru, a small fishing boat that was found drifting near Haida Gwaii in 1987. The boat had come from Japan; its owner had gone out for a day of fishing and was never seen again.

 We walked through the  beautiful Sunken Garden which faces the provincial courthouse built in1923. It was used as a secret ammunitions storage site in WW II.

We wandered around  the quaint downtown area known as Cow Bay, an interesting blend of the historic ( old phone booths and lamp posts) and a bovine (black and white Holstein) theme in shops, galleries and restaurants. The Atlin Terminal, originally a fish plant, is the heart of Cow Bay and houses an art gallery, shops and a restaurant.

We visited the Museum of Northern B.C., housed in an impressive  northwest coast style longhouse. The exhibits of  First Nations artifacts were very interesting and included beautiful art and crafts.

We were in "the world's halibut capital" so naturally  ate halibut and chips at Smile's for lunch. Delicious.

We saw a few of the many totem poles erected at public buildings and in city parks.
Totem Park

It was 2:30 when we returned to the campground. Incredibly, it started to rain within minutes of our return, honestly. Thank you weather Buddha. We spent the rest of the afternoon doing our laundry and some housework.
Sunset was 10:15; we were still having trouble going to bed in daylight.

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