Friday, June 16, 2017

Travellin' The Yellowhead Highway

The Yellowhead Highway was named after a Métis guide,  Tete Jaune. It was officially opened in 1970. It stretches 2,960 km across the four western provinces beginning in Winnipeg. There are five national parks, 90 provincial parks and numerous national historical sites on its route.

Before leaving the campground, we set up our servicing app’t at Freightliner in Brandon, Manitoba for Monday June 19. In 2007, we had our servicing done there going out west and returning. We were still in their computer system. We were on the road at 9:20.

As we motored east through central Saskatchewan, the highway narrowed from four lanes to two beyond Saskatoon. The landscape changed from prairie and very large farming operations  to boreal forest.  We passed several small communities but stopped at a nice rest area in Lanigan, pop. 1886. It was another perfect spot to play Frisbee with Shadow and give her a really good workout.

Central Saskatchewan is “a birding mecca with millions of waterfowl.” The highlight of the day was our drive through Quill Lakes International Bird Area, part of America’s Central Flyway. It is a globally recognized  birding area. It is a 250 sq. km. conservation area on the north side  of Hwy 16 between the towns of Foam, Wadera and Wynward. Jean was in a picture taking frenzy  there were so many waterfowl and shorebirds  She couldn't believe there was no parking area where we could stop so I put on the four way flashers,  pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway so other traffic could get by us as we crawled along.


We stopped in Wynward at the Quill Lakes Interpretive Centre. It was closed but there were a few waterfowl plaques outside. We ate lunch, and called ahead and made a reservation at an rv park in Brandon for two nights. 

We continued to Yorkton where we bought a few groceries at Walmart, topped up the gas tank @ $ .98.9 / litre and checked in  at the City of Yorkton Campground. We stayed here ten years ago. We travelled 348 km under mostly cloudy skies; it remained a cool 16º.

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