Friday, June 23, 2017

Thursday, June 22, 2017

North of Superior

 We were back to our old RVing ways, up at 5:30 and on the road at 7:05 under a light cloud cover. We crossed into E.S.T. within the hour. We by-passed Thunder Bay (been there, done that) but did stop at the Terry Fox Monument and Lookout again on hwy 11/17. The site stands near the place where he ended his 5,342 km run. His  nine foot high bronze statue is set on a 45 ton granite base and overlooks a panoramic view of Lake Superior.  The highway is named Terry Fox Courage Highway east of Thunder Bay.

We saw Thunder Bay's signature landmark, The Sleeping Giant, a rock
formation that resembles the shape of a sleeping giant lying on his back.

It was a spectacular drive east as the highway hugged the north shore of Lake Superior. We pulled off  at a few lookouts for pictures. We stopped to have lunch at a roadside park near Rossport.
We drove through a few construction zones, mostly bridge repair, traffic restricted to one lane but there was one  new bridge under construction.

 We motored 408 km to Marathon
and checked ourselves in at Penn Lake Park & Campground. It remained cool along the lake, never warmer than 13º even when the sun finally burned through the haze. The fog rolled in over the lake in the evening

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Northwestern Ontario

We had a beautiful drive along hwy 17 in a southeasterly direction towards Lake Superior. Impressive rocks and so many picturesque lakes. We stopped to have  lunch at the Jackfish Lake rest area.
It remained mostly sunny for our 335 km drive and was just clouding over when we stopped at 2:30 at Upsala Campground located on a small lake. While Jean made a mac 'n cheese casserole for tomorrow's dinner, I cleaned the windshield which was especially  bug splattered. It was 22º but dropped to 17º when it started to rain in the evening. Two other rigs/overnighters arrived after us. No t.v.  or Wi-Fi but we were able to get on a seasonal occupant's unsecured Wi-Fi. Thank you very much.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Kenora Ontario

It was mostly cloudy when we left the campground at 9:25 but cleared gradually as we neared Winnipeg. We took the hwy 100 by-pass called the "perimeter highway"  south of the city and stopped to top up the gas tank at a Flying J, our cheapest price yet @ $ .87.4. Too bad we needed only 59 litres. Gas was $1.11.9 / litre in Ontario. Ouch!
There was more construction, reduced speeds for  badly needed repaving.
We crossed back into Ontario, stopped at the Welcome Centre only to discover that just the washrooms were open and not the information section.
We continued to Kenora, the second largest city in Northwestern Ontario with a population of  15,500. We visited  the Lake of the Woods Discovery Centre which opened in 2011, an impressive building in itself. We drove around Kenora, had to stop for a doe and fawn crossing the road before checking in at Anicinabe RV Park & Campground overlooking Lake of the Woods. Our site overlooks a beach  on the lake. It remained mostly sunny, reaching a high of 22º.

It  was another easy motoring day, 287 km. We stopped at 2:45 and enjoyed both the view and the weather the rest of the day.  Shadow and I came upon a deer near our site on one walk.

Monday, June 19, 2017

"We're back!"

There was no sleeping in this day. We were thinking 5:00 but Hunter thought otherwise.... 1:00, then 4:00 and there was no getting back to sleep...groan. We left the campground at 8:40 and drove 12 km to  Brandon, the second largest city in Manitoba with a population of 46,000, where we had an app't at Freightliner for our 150,000 km servicing. We were here ten years ago for two servicings, going and returning on that trip.
It took about two hours to do approximately half of the checklist in the servicing; the rest would have to wait until we got home. Nothing critical and there were no nasty surprises with what was inspected.
We were on our way at 11:30, stopped for gas @ $ .93.9 and parked at Walmart to have lunch and buy a few groceries.

It was  mainly sunny and 1:00 when we  left Brandon and continued east on hwy 1, the Trans-Canada. The gas tank was full but not mine. We stopped for the day at 2:45 at Miller's Camping Resort, 10 km east of Portage La Prairie  after motoring only 151 km.
I tried the heated pool but didn't find it very heated; waist deep was far enough. These Manitobans are hardy. I guess I'm just a hot tub babe. It became overcast and rained for about an hour. We remained under a severe thunderstorm warning.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Quiet Day in the Country

We spent a relaxing day at the campground, did a little cleaning inside, and some laundry. I cleaned all the windows inside and out.
We both did some emailing and browsing on the internet.  Jean caught up with her picture editing.
I  took Shadow for two long walks on the campground's Hiker's Heaven, a trail running along the edge of fields nearby. Shadow was free to run as much as she wanted.

It was another cloudy and cool day, 17º.