Sunday, June 25, 2017

Day 40: Dunromin

We could finally use the h*** word, home, in front of the children. We started to leave the campground at 8:00 but we/I had our first and only mishap of the trip and on our last day. I pulled out of our site, turning right, should have gone left because I drove over the fire pit wheel  rim and dislodged it. It jammed up under the  chassis between an inner rear tire and compartment. We heard the noise;  I stopped immediately and fortunately did not damage the compartment or tire. We were able to dislodge the rim by raising the rear end of the motorhome on the levelling jacks. Whew! The wheel rim was badly mangled though. Another  RVing first in 23 years.  #%^#*!%  Did I feel like an idiot. We stopped at the office; I confessed what I did  and paid $79.10  with tax for another wheel rim. I felt a bit better when we were able to buy gas in Sturgeon Falls @ $ .99.9 / litre.
We stopped in North Bay at Walmart to buy groceries and drove into heavy rain as we approached Sundridge. Harvee Too's front end got a really good power wash.
We arrived home at 11:15.  Dunromin looked like an abandoned property the grass  was so tall with wild flowers everywhere.

The mosquitoes were swarming us as we unpacked the food and  most of our belongings. It rained off and on  all afternoon which didn't deter the mosquitoes. I wore full bug armour to bbq steaks for dinner.  The final  121 km made  our trip total 10,490 km.